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What's New?

  • District 13 launched its new website June 10th! Take your time to explore all the links and menu items.
  • As of 6/24, we returned to using the Parachat chatroom, while some fixes are studied for the new ProChat software that was used on our site June 10-24.
  • You may login to ParaChat using your username/password in use prior to June 10. New members since June 10 who created new ProChat credentials need to register again in ParaChat.
  • If you use Flash on a PC or mac of any kind, please switch to another browser besides Chrome so you can use Java. Java is incompatible with Chrome. Java allows you to use private messages efficiently and to host without difficulty.
  • Come to a meeting or chat 24/7 with the worldwide MA family
  • MA Convention Speakers in the new multi-media library are a great hit -- have a listen!
  • Many thanks to the the District 13 Site Upgrade Committee for their time and effort.

Meeting Topic List

Here are some suggested topics for Marijuana Anonymous meetings:

1. Self Acceptance
2. Handling Depression
3. Fear & How To Overcome It
4. Peace Of mind
5. Holiday Slips And How To Avoid Them
6. Serenity
7. What Do I Do About Gossip
8. Where Am I Right Now
9. Threats To My Sobriety: What Are They?
10. Resentments & What Do I Do About Them?
11. Overcoming Self Pity
12. Dependency
13. Making Decisions
14. Do I Give Other People My Power?
15. How Do I Work The MA Program?
16. Emotional Maturity
17. Emotional Sobriety
18. Do I Feel Worthwhile To Myself & Others?
19. Am I Giving And Receiving Love?
20. The Nature Of Marijuana Addiction?
21. How Do I Stay Sober
22. Letting Go Of Old Ideas
23. Principles Before Personalities: The 12th Tradition
24. Do People Annoy Me?
25. Do I Have Unrealistic Expectations?
26. My Fantasies: Constructive Or Destructive?
27. What Do I Want From Sobriety?
28. What Is My Attitude Towards Rejection?
29. Do I Keep Myself From Getting What I Want?
30. What Is The Quality Of My Sobriety?
31. Overcoming Anxiety
32. Character Defects
33. Handling Anger
34. Dependence On A Higher Power
35. Honesty
36. Personal Growth
37. Guilty
38. Humility
39. Inventory
40. Sharing
41. Open-Mindedness
42. Perfectionism
43. Obsessions: Identifying Them And Dealing With Them
44. Community
45. Spiritual Awakening Or Experience
46. Spiritual Living
47. Surrendering
48. Sponsorship
49. Tolerance
50. Trouble
51. Trust
52. Twelfth Stepping
53. Twenty-Four Hour Living
54. Unity
55. How Did I Find MA?
56. The Most Important Lesson I’ve Learned In Program
57. The Need For Fellowship
58. The Enjoyment Of Sobriety
59. Procrastination
60. Self-Esteem: How Do I Improve Mine?
61. How I Have Fun In Sobriety
62. Living A Spiritual Life In A Material World
63. Step Thirteen


We have virtual and physical chips to recognize milestones of sobriety. For thirty days and up we have virtual chips. You can reward yourself by accessing a link here. Better yet, share your sobriety time in a meeting or in the chatroom, and someone can send you a virtual chip.

We have physical chips we can mail to you to celebrate 90 days, 6 months, 9 months, a year, 18 months, and multiple years. Announce your sober time in a meeting, celebrate, and be sure to tell a host or moderator your address. Your address will be given to our Chips Person, who will send one in the mail to you.

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