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Welcome to the MA District 13 MA-Online Chatroom
Entry Portal

Our primary purpose is to carry the message to the marijuana addict who still suffers.  We do this by practicing the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Marijuana Anonymous.  We cannot tell you how to recover, but we can share our experience, strength and hope in our own recovery through open chat and meetings.

Our chatroom has two rooms, a Meeting Room and a Lobby.  For times of online meetings, please click HERE.

When you attend a meeting in the Meeting Room, there is a set format.  A leader will type opening information, topics will be suggested, and members may share one at a time without interruption.  If you’d like to share, please indicate by using an exclamation point  ! .   If you have a question, please ask another member in a private message, or join the chat after the meeting.

The Lobby is open for chatting 24 hours a day.  Please keep our chatroom safe, friendly, and respectful. Administrators, also known as GSR’s and officers, are marijuana addicts who are elected as trusted servants by the membership of MA-Online. Administrators are colored in green in the name list. They are frequently in the chatrooms, and can answer questions. Administrators have the authority to gag, boot or ban a person who is not using the chatroom respectfully.

If someone is gagged, they can see the discussion but do not have the ability to type.  If they are booted, they are temporarily kicked off the site with the ability to log on again.  If someone is banned by a room administrator the first ban is for 1 week,  the second ban would be for 2 weeks, and the third ban would be for 1 month. After 1 month the ban would be reviewed by the appropriate committee and, if warranted, the next ban would be for 1 more month, or a 3 month period, or a 6 month period. Permanent banning would remain an option, but would not be an automatic progression. Permanent ban requires a vote of the District Service Committee.

The following behavior is likely to lead to a ban from the Chat Room or Meeting Room.

  1. Personal attacks
  2. Attacks based on race, sex, ethnicity, religion
  3. Threats of harm
  4. Vulgarity or sexually abusive language
  5. Soliciting a minor
  6. Proselytizing a religion
  7. Promoting, campaigning, or flaming about politics
  8. Offering to sell or procure marijuana or other drugs

Protect your own safety by not giving out personal information until you are sure of who you are communicating with. Right click on a person's name in the user list and select Ignore if you don't want to see their remarks. Click on Options (in the menu above the chatbox), and then click on the check box to Block All Private Messages if you don't want to receive them. Also pick a screen name that doesn't reveal your real name, even first name, or location.

Also, please be sociable by at least saying hi and introducing yourself. When you enter the chatroom, the usual protocol is to say 'hi' and introduce yourself.

Use the Report Abuse link to report abuse to the Chat Abuse Committee. Copy and paste the abusive text entries into your chat abuse report email, and include time and date, member, and room you were in.

We are all trying to learn and grow in our recovery process but we are all personally responsible for our own conduct in order to meet the primary purpose of Marijuana Anonymous. For that reason, please check the following box before joining us.

Finally, if you need a meeting verification email, make sure to alert the host at the end of the meeting in pm.

Note: To run the full featured Java Version, your browser must support Java. Currently, Google Chrome and Opera browsers do not support Java anymore. But you can use another browser, like IE, or the Flash version of the chat if you want to use Chrome

Our 7th Tradition states we be fully self supporting, declining outside contributions. If you are an MA Online member (you are a member when you say you are!) and would like to make a donation, please click here: Our donations are handled by PayPal

One time Donation of Any Amount

Suggested Scheduled Donations

You may also mail your 7th Tradition donation the old fashioned postal mail way to:
MA District 13
PO Box 1022
Nesconset, NY 11767

Real-Time Host Schedule: Please Sign Up + Be One of Our Really Great MA Hosts

Having Trouble Finding the Meeting Room?

1) Find Room List:
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2) Go To Meeting Room:
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